Sunday, February 5, 2017

Local Ableton brand manager and CU alumni speaks to students

On the 3rd of February, 2017, Serafin Sanchez (of whom is the local brand manager for the music technology company Ableton Live) visited CU Denver students on the Auraria campus in Downtown Denver Colorado. Sanchez is an Alumni from the CU Boulder, and received both his Bachelor’s and Master’s degree on that campus. As local brand manager for Ableton Live, Sanchez oversees the region of Colorado as well as southwestern United States. Ableton live is a digital audio workstation much like Protools or Logic, but Sanchez explained how the “session view” in Ableton gives the user a non-linear timeline for music. This gives improvisers the chance to build a song as they play, merging both creating and performing. I think this is the best part of Ableton, and though Protools is important to have as well, Ableton live is a fun and important tool for musicians and producers that want to perform or design sound. The “studio in a box” has become an important part of music production with the invention of tools such as Logic, Protools and Ableton Live.
            CU Denver professor Todd Reid also had an impromptu duo performance with Sanchez, demonstrating the many capabilities of using Ableton live. Sanchez also talked about the Ableton push controllers, which are unique in the way that you can do anything that you can on the laptop, with a midi button pushing type of feel. The duo used live looping technology as well as recording grand piano tracks to manipulate on the spot with these push controllers. In addition to the live performance, Sanchez plays saxophone and performs jazz saxophone with Todd Reid on drums. Sanchez also works with the hip hop group “The Flobots” as well. Ableton is a way that these musicians connect, and transfer files and musical ideas. Ableton and Push are truly remarkable in the way that it combines on the fly production of audio and musical performance by the user together.

            Other Ableton features include a full visual program for plugins called Max for live, Rock vid (which is a way to create videos along with your live performance), and a vast multitude of plugins, EQ’s, midi instruments, and audio effects. Ableton is truly revolutionary for musicians… as it gives the user a limitless canvas of capabilities. The many different options can be overwhelming, but for musicians who are working to improve their craft…Ableton is an amazing tool for making music. If you are by yourself or working with others, Ableton gives the user a new way of producing as well as performing live. Sanchez explained the many capabilities that Ableton gives to users for the visitors on campus. In addition, he demonstrated the importance of technologic relevance in music education in Music colleges such as CU Denver. 

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