Friday, January 27, 2017

Original Members of Bob Marley's Band: The Wailers Visit the Gothic in Denver

On the night of January 26th, The Gothic theatre was lively and nearly sold out as The Wailers made a stop to Denver on their International tour. The opening act was a 5-piece reggae band out of Denver called Rastasaurus, of whom brought a hometown Denver-style reggae sound to the Gothic Theatre. They played a mixture of reggae and rock, while singing songs that had catchy lyrics and quick melodic phrases repeated. Thanks to Rastasaurus, the crowd was warmed up, and ready to hear more reggae music. It was an appropriate opening band selection for the audience, as they had come to see original members of Bob Marley’s band and original Wailer songs.
  As the stage rotation took place, it was great to see the many stage hands that are needed, as well as the mass amounts of lighting and sound equipment that a professional live show uses. As the Wailers went on, they opened up with a Marley classic called ‘Natural Mystic.’ The Wailers Band consists of two original members of Bob Marley and the Wailers: Aston Barret on bass guitar and Junior Marvin on guitar and vocals. After Marley’s death in 1981, Barret and Marvin led the band to continue touring around the world, playing the timeless songs that fans still adored. The band has recently reunited after a 5-year hiatus that started in 2011. The newly reunited band is now an 8 to 9-piece group. Among these original members of Bob Marley’s band are 2 female vocalists (sometimes 1,) two rhythm guitarists, a keyboardist, a drummer and a lead vocalist. The lead singer, Josh David Barrett, Aston Barret’s son sung each song with passion and created an experience unlike any other for Bob Marley and the Wailer’s fans in Denver. The group played many classics such as ‘Three Little Birds,’ ‘Jammin’’ and ‘Waiting in Vain.’ It was clear that the Jamaican group came to play many of Marley’s songs, and the crowd loved it. The room filled with smoke, as the people danced and sang along.
It is worth nothing that each song had original keyboard, drum, bass and vocal layering that one would hear on a live Bob Marley Record. Each little melody line, each drum fill, and each vocal phrase: all of these elements of each song were accounted for by this group of musicians. It was evident that the band consisted of original band members, because the sound is extremely similar to the band that Bob Marley actually played with. Other songs played include ‘I Know a Place,’ ‘Positive Vibration,’ ‘Heathen’ and ‘Roots, Rock Reggae.’

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