Friday, January 27, 2017

Music Industry Alumni Visits CU Denver to talk about beneficial career strategies for CAM students

The King Center in Denver, Colorado welcomed back CU Denver alumni and past faculty member Tyler Soifer for general recital class on January 27th, 2017, to talk to students about the importance of constantly adding to your skillset in the music industry. Soifer is a graduate of the Recording Arts program of the College of Arts and Media (CAM). He also worked at the ‘Core’ on Auraria campus, (a recording studio for CAM music students) and gained experience managing live sound for the King Center building early in his career. In addition to working for CU Denver, Soifer is presently an audio engineer who opened his own recording studio in Denver (Side 3 Studios.) Soifer has a plethora of live sound experience from working major industry concerts: including being the tour drum technician for Steve Smith (drummer for Journey).
            Soifer’s story is inspiring for CAM students looking and aspiring to become music industry professionals. After graduating from CAM, he explained how he solved a problem at an internship helped him stand out to Steve Smith, who eventually hired him full-time. At the time an album of Smith’s was deleted on a solid state hard drive. Soifer’s knowledge of forensics helped establish him a valuable music industry connection after he recovered the album in full for the drummer. Soifer explained how his Mentor Rich Sanders helped him as a CAM student.  He also was adamant about how sometimes luck is an important part of the industry. He was in the right place at the right time to solve a problem for Smith and create a door for a mutually beneficial relationship.            

Soifer’s attitude and way of looking at life has enabled him to meet as many people, and learn as much knowledge as he could while he was in College to the point where he was a valuable asset to industry professionals once he graduated. This lifestyle entails constantly learning, constantly working, and constantly getting away from being too comfortable in music jobs or ventures. In this way, Soifer was not only lucky to find the career opportunities he did, he was also continuously increasing his opportunities by working his tail off, and expanding his knowledge as he did it. He talked about how he was always “picking his teacher’s brains” and taking in as much information about audio as possible. This never ending search for knowledge is what has made Soifer stand out to industry professionals. CAM students benefitted from being able to meet and connect with Soifer as he offered valuable insights into realm of working in live sound, audio production, and the business of operating a recording studio. 

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