Saturday, March 12, 2016

In the airport terminal, waiting to take off…

Here I am, at gate C26, about an hour early and waiting for my flight to Austin, Texas for the 2016 South by Southwest festival. Time couldn’t seem to go any slower at this moment, and I am growing with anticipation as each minute passes. I really don’t know too much of what to expect from this week. I know that SXSW is one of the biggest festivals of the year for up and coming artists, and I will also be making all my songs on soundcloud available for free download this week ( I am glad to be a part of this amazing trip, and I plan on representing my college well. To be one of only two music students that were chosen to go to SXSW is a major honor that I am deeply grateful for. Words can’t really express how excited I am. I expect there to be so much going on that it will be absolutely impossible to see all the attractions, artists and conventions over the course of the next 5 days. After going over the official schedule and planning my days out, I know for a fact that there is just too much going on to catch everything. There are so many different types of events for all types of music and film lovers, also including business people and entrepreneurs. I aim to further my knowledge on sync licensing for film, blogging about hot new bands that catch my attention, and getting tips on DIY (do it yourself) musicianship. I also plan to experience Austin for the first time, and get a feel for the music culture that it is welcoming this upcoming week. In addition to this, I hope to network with as many people as I can. It is important to add value to other’s lives; and in this way I hope to meet people that will be able to use my music in their branding, projects, and films. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity; especially for someone like me who couldn’t usually be able to afford a trip like this. Business cards are ready, and I’m all packed to go. The only thing left to do is to avoid impulse buying at the airport.

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