Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Day three: Panel Discussions, Trade show, Sausage Party

As day three started, I was happy to finally get a music badge. The process was fast, and I was on to some sessions. I walked over to a hotel nearby that was holding many meet ups for music; and having worked conventions before, I was happy to find a convention type setting that really fits my vocational direction. The first panel discussion was about protestors in the present age, and comparing the effects of social media with the age of the 1960s. The man consensus I got from it was that social media has made protest movements spread out faster, but possibly die out quicker. This has to do with the seriously far reaching arm of social media in the world, but also the lack of personal connection. The larger media also usually has more of a chance now (as opposed to the 1960s) to distort images of protest to fit their agenda. After this convention I walked around and saw the many events already happening around the hotel. I knew I was to work the CU tradeshow booth later in the day, so I wanted to catch as many events as possible. The next discussion I caught was about the importance of storytelling in the current age. I learned that storytelling is big business for brands today. If one can tell a great story, chances are that that story will easily help sell a product. The speaker talked about advisory ground rules for collaborating with other artists. There was also a portion of the talk directed at how to end a story well, in a way that connects the audience with the main character. After that, I caught a panel discussion about music in television, and film. I learned a lot about how to approach getting into the industry of film scoring and composing for film. More than ever I appreciated that I was in the very same college of arts and media as many other film students. I am excited to get back and try to compose music for as many film projects as I possibly can. I was glad to have learned so much in such a small amount of time. I then worked the CU Denver trade show booth, and continued to meet many people from all around the world. During those three to four hours, I exchanged many business cards and visited other booths that sparked my interest. The South by Southwest trade show convention is a showcase of many of the world’s cutting edge ideas, business startups and people working to make it happen. As the night rolled on, I caught a screening of an animated film by Seth Rogan called “Sausage Party.” The movie was definitely funny. After I saw the movie and laughed, day three came to a close and I walked back to the hotel for a great nights rest. With the music just starting up, I was eager to rest, wakeup the next day and see as many musical artists as possible. Thanks to all the readers, and all who made this possible. There’s no way I could have done this without you!!

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