Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Day 4: Hooka Hey, Thought Tempo, The Moolandingz, The Octopus Project

Day four was by far the busiest day for me. The first official day of music was jam packed with more panel discussions, meetups and conventions. I caught a discussion about how music drives film marketing, and I learned a lot. I learned that movies usually have specific purpose driven trailers, usually in numbers of three. Say for instance, there is an ad campaign for a movie coming up. There will probably be three trailers, and each one showing a bit more than the last. The information was really valuable, and I was happy to attend. I also caught an artist meetup, where I networked with a number of folks who are artists, writers, filmmakers, and people from advertising. I walked so much on this trip, I’m pretty sore right now. All of the venues are spread apart around Austin, and it can be a hike going all around town. I would say that I’m finally getting used to the pandemonium that has been happening on 6th street. Strange how at first it was overwhelming, but now that I’m about to leave; I’ve gotten used to it. I’m going to miss this place with all its crazy shows and crowds of people. It is quite an experience to go somewhere you’ve never been before. Everything is so new, and every street corner is a blank slate. As the night drew on, I wanted to see a few bands and artists. I first caught a rock and roll band from France called Hooka Hey. Their set was punchy, and his vocal style reminded me of Jim Morrison. I was jamming out to their songs I then went to a music venue called Cheer up Charlies, and caught a number of interesting electronic projects. I met A DJ named Thought Tempo, and he was really cool. His set had great visual effects, and great beat variation. He told me that he was from L.A, and that he makes music that; if he was the last person on earth, he would still enjoy. I thought this was pretty interesting. I decided to stay at Cheer Up Charlies, because there were two groups following that caught my attention. I walked around and met people from all around the world, including the U.K. The first band was The Moonlandingz. This group was unique sounding and their stage presence was awesome. Their style was a bit like neo-psychedelic rock. All the way from the U.K, they sounded great. After the set I met the bassist and he also told me about his band members’ side project named Fat White Family. I also caught a set by The Octopus Project, and I was impressed. The group also had a neo-psychedelic rock feel with state of the art visual stage tools. At this point, I was so tired, so I walked back to the hotel for a little rest. Tuesday the 15th was a non-stop day, and I’ll never forget it!

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  1. Looks like you are having a great time! We are happy for you - keep up the great work!!