Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Two Faces West at Herman's Hideaway (1/6/2016)

The night I went to two faces west was a great choice for any blues music lover. Two faces west is a young, up and coming bluesy rock band from the mountain town of Gunnison, CO. I personally know the bass player from school and it was great to hear them live. Caden's Bass playing has a slight Jazz feel and the blues guitar riffing is thick. Herman's Hideaway is on the south side of Denver, on South Broadway. All in all this is a great blues rock band that is mostly giggin' up in mountain towns. Again, Colorado is a great place for music from both the city and from the mountains. It was great to hear a band that is actually from one of these mountain towns.

I was happy to also get a free CD from Two Faces West, and a couple stickers. Cool!

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