Tuesday, February 2, 2016

The Austin Young Band at The Rusty Bucket (1/15/2016)

This is the next chapter of my new music blog, and I am very happy to write about The Austin Young Band. I met the bassist Alex Goldberg through a friend at school, and actually jammed with him a bit. He recommended that I check out his show with the Austin Young Band at a wild bar called The Rusty Bucket.

It was no doubt a wild bar. I was surrounded by older party folk, who were really into the blues. The bar was full of Pittsburgh Steelers memorabilia. I definitely felt out of place, but I saw Alex and talked to him a bit, so that made be feel a bit more welcome. As the band started playing I knew that it would be a great night. After getting permission from Alex, I used a sound recorded to capture one of the Band's sets.

The slide guitar of Austin Young was phenomenal. The pocket was also quite impressive, with Alex holding down the bass, and a professional quality drummer named Forrest Raup bringing forth the beats. The band played some roaring traditional blues numbers such as "Catfish Blues," "Come on in My Kitchen" and "Crossroads." The song selection was equally phenomenal. The band played so much on this one night; song after song. The band also added a female guitarist named Michaela Rae who is very skilled on the guitar, with unique solos and rhythm playing that adds a guitar duo element to the group. They also played "Pride and Joy," by Stevie Ray Vaughn, and "Manic Depression" by Jimi Hendrix among originals. Additionally, Alex and the drummer also had a solo interlude that displayed the bassist's jazz and blues influenced style. It was a great night for music.

The band is also playing on the Joe Bonamassa Cruise in the next few weeks, so If your going, check them out! :) Also, If i can get permission, I can post some of these audio tracks, so stay tuned!

Till then...

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