Tuesday, February 2, 2016

In the Whale at The Hi-Dive, Red Bull sound select (1/21/2016)

When I got to the Hi-Dive, there was a super long line stretching the whole city block. After walking to the end of the block, I had doubts as to weather or not I would make it inside the Hi- Dive to see the show. This was the night of the Red-Bull sound select; a music series that had made its stop in Denver, CO. After about 45 minutes of waiting and chatting with a new friend that I had met in line, I was in the front. As I walked in, I didn't have any cash and needed to use an ATM. Sadly their ATM was out of service, and I was about to be booted back outside. However, from some strange stroke of luck, a lady who worked for red bull overheard the conversation and actually payed for my ticket in. That was awesome! Go buy RedBull! Anyways, now that I was inside, I went to the bar and got a tasty beer.

The one band I'll be covering from this night is In the Whale, a hard rock influenced duo that brings blues to a new, heavy extreme with aspects of heavy metal. The duo was as heavy as metal, yet still had a blues feel. The band consists of Nate on Guitar and vocals and Eric on drums and vocals. From the bands warm-up, I was intrigued. Eric did a funny "Metallica" sound check where he grunted and made punchy sounds in his microphone. As the group played their first song, I could sense a real early to mid generation punk influence, along with early blues influences. Nate's guitar playing was heavy as can get and his vocals vary from a melodic singing voice to a distressing scream. Eric's drumming uses double bass and on point fills, keeping the beat with a vengeance. The show was great both musically and visually: there were even giant inflatable whales bouncing around the crowd like beach balls (this added a fun element to the nights vibe.) After the show, I met both Nate and Eric. I though this showed a great fan dedication and it also showed how personable the duo is. I bought both Cds they were offering at the merch table. In the Whale is from Denver, CO and is currently touring in the Western United States. Check em out!

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