Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Exclusive Dj set review: Dillard on New Years Eve (12/31/2015)

This is the next chapter of concert/show reviews that I will be writing about in the year of 2016. New years eve 2015 was a freezing cold night. After hitting a couple friends up, I messaged my friend Dillon Gabehart A.K.A Dillard to see what he was up to. He is a DJ for the Submission production company, and I was hoping he was playing a show. Luckily, he invited me up to a mountain house where he and other friends were hosting an underground music evening.

I remember that is was freezing that night as well, and driving up to the Colorado mountains was a bit of a rush, partly because it was late at night (around 11:15) and I was rushing to get somewhere before the clock struck 12 midnight.  As I drove up the winding roads, the feeling that I was going into the unknown was immense. I had never been to this town, and I was pretty much relying of google maps. Our generation is spoiled, by the way. Directions are just so easy for us.

The Colorado scene, I might add, is one of the most unique scenes in the U.S because of the sheer amount of shows both in metropolitan areas and in rural mountain towns, where music is equally if not more appreciated. As I got closer and closer, the stars were clear as ever. There was little light pollution where I was, making the moonlight shine bright as ever. There is definitely something about driving mountain and country roads. As I finally fund the place and parked, I could hear the bass in the distance. Another great part about partying or jamming in the mountains is the ability to bump your music.

Mind you I still didn't really know anybody at this place, but it was about 11:45 and I had made it. As I walked in, there were a bunch of music lovers. I felt welcome and was so glad I didn't stay home by myself. I realized that one must go out and find the music to embrace it like our ancestors have. One can always listen to music at home nowadays by his or herself, but going out and experiencing the music and new people is where it's at. There were bongo drums for playing, and I played a bit along with the music. As new years hit, I was happy with my experience. I had went out and found something to do, even if it was by myself. There is a freedom to that...when you don't need anyone to go and enjoy some music.

And that is just what I did. Dillard's set had a distinctive "reggae" dubstep feel. I personally appreciate this because that is where "dub" comes from. He will take reggae songs, and emphasizes the bass; giving it a great traditional dubstep quality. At the same time; the way he uses the bass also has dirty overtones... giving it that Denver- Dubstep feel. Dancing to the decks was a great time. I was also free to play the bongos, and personally being in a room full of dancing music lovers in such a chill environment is kind of what the origins of EDM is all about. The underground and exclusive feel was equally, if not more valuable to me than spending a lot of money to go to a concert on NYE.

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