Tuesday, February 23, 2016

2/15/16: Gregory Walker and Arapahoe Philharmonic Orchestra: still keeping Orchestral traditions alive

The King Center Concert Hall in Denver, Colorado was set for an performance by the Arapahoe Philharmonic Orchestra the night of Monday the 15th, 2016. The performance featured works by both Johannes Brahms and Claude Debussy. The 100 person orchestra also featured solo violinist Gregory Walker, who displayed great skill and prowess on his instrument through his self composed instrumental cadenza. This extended cadenza was performed in the first movement of Brahms's Violin Concerto in D Major, Op 77; and also included small melodic excerpts from other works by Brahms.The violinist's solo was a great representative of the cadenza: showing virtuosic control on the instrument and pitch perfect tone throughout. An argument can be made that Walker was also channeling an influence by Niccilo Paganini in his composition; pushing the limits at points to how far one can go within a solo violin cadenza. Walker's cadenza also represented Brahms(who represented Beethoven) well in the way he composed soaring melodies over the top of the complex sonata form. The first part of the concert was a great example of Orchestral music in its highest forms: showcasing Brahms's composition attempts at living up to the tradition of Beethoven. The second part of the concert included French impressionist Debussy's composition La Mer, a work that displayed the sheer beauty, sublime and serene aspects of the Romantic era. The whole night was also a great display of "museum culture" in the way the Orchestra is still keeping alive the lineage of works by Brahms and Debussy.

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