Monday, January 4, 2016

new experimental blog series

Hello all!

Happy new years to you. I am writing to inform you of a new blog series I will be starting about live music here in Denver. I personally am located in the same proximity of thousands of high-quality music acts and why not write about it? From local shows to big shows (with tickets I can get my hands on,) I'm going to review acts and artists that I personally like, and whom I believe represent the thriving music scene (across all genres) that is here, now in Denver, CO. Yes, weed is legal here, and I think It may help create a unique art scene; but it was awesome here before that, too. I'm also hoping I can catch any sort of artistic benefit to writing an ongoing music blog about a scene that is both located in the city, and in the mountains. For skiers and boarders, there is a definite music scene that takes place in the small mountain towns of Colorado. In Denver, there is a healthy, mixed music scene including artists from EDM, Jam bands, Hip Hop, Country, Jazz, Blues, Latin music, and Rock.  If you want to be around a huge array of different musical styles and cultures, then Denver is not a bad place to be.

Until my next blog.... I'll be writing about my experience at Umphrey Mgees at the Fillmore in Denver, on 1/2/16. Happy 2016!!!!!!

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